Inside Our Monthly Golf Box

Since 2015 we've offered a golf apparel box, monthly golf balls, and glove shipments. As the season changes members can log-in to change their box type and delivery schedule anytime.

Monthly Golf Balls

Essentials Box

Never run out of the necessities again. The monthly Essentials boxes feature our very own Swinger Scout golf ball, soft genuine leather gloves, tees, lip balm, and sunscreen.


Monthly Golf Apparel

Gear Box

Each season we manufacture minimally branded golf apparel and casual attire for our members. Adjust your Player Profile to get monthly gear and accessories that best fits your season.


The Swinger Scout

Try Three Free!

Our shipments feature a 352 dimple two-piece golf ball only found in Swinger Box. The Scout has a mid compression core and matte cover providing low glare and soft feel.

Founded By a Guy Who Went For It...

As with most who play this great game, golf has become a lifelong  passion of mine. So much so that in 2007 at age 25 I quit my job, sold  all my possessions (minus the golf clubs), bought a one-way ticket to Thailand and left southern California to focus on the game full time. While my dreams of playing professionally didn’t come true, the journey, the friends made, lessons learned from the game, and life will  be a part of me forever. In 2009, I returned to the working world, and  for the next 6 years was, in the back of my mind, was constantly searching for a way back to golf. I founded Swinger Golf Co. to forge that path and personally stand behind all products in Swinger Box. -Erik

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